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Quick Description of the product

Here Mantra introduces you to the Legend, the electric scooter which has traditional VESPA looks, The electric scooter that will redefine the way you ride the conventional scooter. Giving you that extra edge on comfort, performance, convenience, savings, safety and reliability, the New Legend has been designed in order to feel you as a legend.

Legend is truly unique and out-of-the-box. Its sleek and compact design appeals to all age groups and is available in attractive colors, it is definitely an eye-catcher. It is easier to handle and matches with all the different personalities.

Legend Features

Legend Features
Mileage(Lithium ion: 80-100 km and Lead acid: 45-50 km)
Charging time (Lithium ion: 4-5 hrs and Lead acid: 7-8 hrs )
Battery Options( Lithium ion and Lead acid batteries)

Legend the best E-bike

Legend Green and Clean




Why Legend?

Mantra’s Legend is a durable electric scooter designed especially for Indian roads which includes multiple benefits.

Suitable for all Roads

Legend is built with modern technology that ensures a safe ride on both smooth and rough roads. Giving you a convenient ride on a warm summer’s day; as well as ensuring you have a safe sturdy ride on a rainy day.


Legend is available in 6 popping colours to choose from. Choose the red shade to amplify the spunk in you, or a grey to feel classic. Legend is also available in blue,yellow that shines like the sun, black bold colour and white colours.


Legend is an electric scooter for everyone. As the ride can go up to 45-50 km per charge, it’s beneficial for small restaurants, delivery boys and grocery stores. The electricity charge consumption is low and, with electric scooters you can save on operational costs costs

Cost Efficiency

Mantra shines in having a fleet of electric scooters that have proven to be  beneficial in many ways. Mantra Legend price can be a bargain given how much you can save on all those overhead costs that come with fuel based vehicles. Charging electric scooter batteries take up only a fraction of costs.

High Loading Capacity

Mantra’s Legend comes with high weight loading capacity. It can carry a maximum weight upto 180 kg, which means two adult can easily ride on it. Legend is very durable that it can easily climb over the inclined slopes with two adults.

Battery & Charging

Charge your electric scooter with ease and from the comfort of your own home to ride through town. The scooter is compatible with Li battery as well as Lead acid battery. The Li battery is removable and can be connected to any regular power outlet.


Suspension typeHydraulic
Front Side suspensionTelescopic
Rear Side suspensionCoil Spring
Top Speed25Kmph
Range per full charge (Lead)Lead Acid-45-50 Kms*
Range per full charge (Li-ion)Lithium-ion- 80-100 Kms*
Wheels typeAlloy Wheels
Wheels size12 inch
Tire typeTubeless
Color OptionsMaroon, Silver, White, Black, Yellow, blue
Gross Weight105kg
Ground Clearence120 mm
Battery typeLithium-ion or Lead Acid
Battery voltage48 volt or 60 volt
Battery ah(Lead)Lead Acid- 28ah
Battery ah(Li-Ion)Lithium ion- 25ah/28ah/30ah/32ah
ControllerBoss smart controller
Motor Power250 watt
Charging TimeLead-acid- 7-8 hrs
Lithium-ion- 4-5 hrs
Loading Capacity140-180 kgs*