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MANTRA E-BIKE has ventured in the ELECTRIC VEHICLE BUSINESS since 2018. We are one of the most reliable and well equipped manufacturers of Electric Vehicles with best services at nominal prices. MANTRA E-BIKE CORPORATION includes E-Rickshaw, E-Scooter & Batteries. All vehicles have been manufactured with highest quality spare parts with arrangement for excellent customer service.

Consider Our Electric Bike Dealership A Lifelong Partnership

Are you looking for a credible and long-lasting electric bike dealership? If yes, then you’ve landed at the right destination. Mantra E-Bikes is a one-stop destination for availing top-end electric bikes by those who understand and value their worth of them.

What Do We Offer Under an Electric Scooter Dealership?

We are happy to be transparent about the fact that our expectation from our prospective dealers is quite high. You can be assured that every dealership we enter, is not merely a professional relationship, but is more like a family commitment for us. As our team is offering their 100% to the dealers, we expect them to reciprocate the same in the best possible manner.

What Does an Efficient Electric Bike Dealership Mean to Us?

  • The dealer should be committed to delivering what is promised to the client.
  • They should hold hands with Mantra in meeting the combined objectives.
  • The dealer must be active and keen to perform sales promotion activities.
  • A modern and well-equipped showroom.
  • Ethical business development model
  • A well-knit team of experienced professionals.
  • Fair acceptance of the terms and conditions decided by Mantra

Why Choose Our Electric Scooter Dealership?

We promise that Mantra is completely dedicated to fair work practices, and they won’t ever commit anything which cannot be delivered. For the ultimate satisfaction of the clients, it is very important for the manufacturer and the dealer to think on the same lines. Our team members are imparted regular training to keep them aware of the latest market scenarios and we expect the same from the dealership company.

An Electric Bike Dealership That’ll be Beneficial For All Stakeholders:

We firmly believe that every client should return happy and satisfied with not just the product, but with the overall buying experience. In addition, our dealership pricing is well thought out and reasonable. We firmly believe in maintaining transparency with the dealers. You can come to us with valid feedback at any point in time, and we will be more than glad to welcome your suggestion. It is only by showing due respect to each other, we can attain a common goal of achieving complete client satisfaction and making room for a better living.


We wish you out to grow in life and business

The Electric scooter industry is one of the affordable, sustainable, and growing business nowdays.
A new way of life is emerging and you can make the most of it.


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We have great expectations from our Dealers. We consider them as our family member, not only we consider them , we treat them also in such manner. Similarly we expect Mantra to be treated by them in such manner as Mantra treats them. We have following expectations from our beloved dealers:-

  • Straightforward and reasonable managing.
    • Strong adherence to commitment made to Retail client and to Mantra.
    • Meeting the objective set out by Mantra.
    • Sales promotion activity.
    • Attractive and structured showroom.
    • Respect to Mantra and its representatives.
    • Ethical and legitimate business movement.
    • Have adequate staff to deal with clients need.
    • Acceptance of terms and conditions set out by Mantra time to time.
Mantra offers a wide range of electric bikes that are reasonable for all individuals. It is a helpful and quick method for transport for the younger buyer helping them reach schools and universities. For working experts and office goers, it helps in sparing fuel costs making it very affordable. Mantra Electric Scooters also work very well for the elderly buyers offering them a safe ride.
You are never alone with Mantra. We are present in 100+ cities across India and growing, and these numbers only seem to be going upwards. This increase in our reach brings with itself plenty of electric scooter dealership opportunities.
Mantra thrives on trust and quality. For over 3 years now, Mantra has proven its worth in the market. And over the course of this duration, we have over 50,000 happy customers.
By joining hands with Mantra, you will have a chance to be related to our brand and join the channel network of 100+ retail outlets. Work with Komaki and appreciate benefits that accompany your electric scooter dealership.
Become the source to a superior world with electric mobility. Let us build green India together. Battery controlled electric vehicles help in diminishing carbon emissions that adds to pollution, and thus help in cleaning the earth. Alongside making travel less expensive and helpful for individuals; be perceived for your mindful commitment towards a greener earth
Let us grow together. We each can't prevail without the other. This is your opportunity to benefit from a developing business sector, the predominant item and administration edges. Join Mantra, and find the potential of this market.