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Mantra E-bikes

About Mantra


MANTRA E-Bike is the Best Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that was established in 2018 with a mission to create two-wheelers that can change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by battery-operated E-bikes and scooters and drive our present towards a sustainable future.

Our business isn’t just about fabricating a pious client base, but also about building a better, cleaner, and greener tomorrow for the generations to come. As an ambitious player in India’s evolving E-bike market, we wish to be the touchstone of affordable eco-friendly technology.

All of your queries are just a Dial Away….

We are just a dial away to solve all of your queries to provide you with the best satisfactory assistance.


Mantra Eco-Friendly Promise


MANTRA vehicles comes with the complete Eco-Friendly Promise & Assurance.

Unlike traditional fuel run vehicles, MANTRA E-BIKES produce zero emission & run on complete clean & electric energy, making it healthier choice for our planet.

No-License Required

As you know License is very mandatory to drive a scotty. But to drive MANTRA E-vehicles needs no license at all. So teenagers can also drive this vehicle freely.


No Documentation Required


Mantra E-Scotties certified by government and no documentation is required.

You don’t need to pay high charges for registration.

What’s Unique With Us?

Li-Ion & Lead Batteries

lithium-ion battery or Li-ion battery is a type of rechargeable battery. Lithium-ion batteries are commonly used for portable electronics and electric vehicles and are growing in popularity for military and aerospace applications.

Mantra offers best in class Li-Ion battery that helps your vehicle to give a longer run time and superior battery life.

Very less companies offer LI-ION Batteries as it needs the best class wiring to handle the li-ion current.

MANTRA scooter comes with the possibility to install any type of battery whether it is a Lead or Li-ion battery because we are using very high-quality wiring in all of our products. This allows customers the possibility to choose any battery type in any model.


How long the battery life of the Mantra E-bike?

Electric scooter batteries will last between 2 to 4 years and between 3000 to 5000 miles depending on storage, use conditions, and battery capacity. If you use your scooter more or store it improperly, the battery life will be shorter.

How to become MANTRA partner in 4 easy steps
Click On Become Dealer Button
Click on Become Dealer Button in the Left Corner on our website
Fill Up The Form
A form will open that needs to be fill correctly. Please fill all the necessary details and Submit the form.
Wait For Our Expert Call
Our sales expert will call you to discuss further over the same and schedule a meeting to setup & Get Started.
Get Approved & Start Selling
After getting approval just visit our site and click BOOK YOUR ORDER & start earning.




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MANTRA E-Bikes has a very wide range of dealer network, You will get MANTRA vehicles Dealers in through out the INDIA. Our Partners & sales at stores provide you with the best GUIDANCE & ASSISTANCE
The best thing that you get with MANTRA is easy availability of the SPARES through out the country. SPARES availability plays a major role to increase the life of your ELECTRIC VEHICLE.
We have a wide network of EXPERT TECHNICIANA & WORKSHOP with in each 30 KM of radius. You will easily get the service & maintenance for you ELECTRIC VEHICLE near by you.

Rider Deluxe Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Reverse Gear Auto Repair Made for futuristic world
DS3 Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Reverse Gear Auto Repair Electrifying India’s swag Rider
DS3 Reverse Gear Royal Tech-sawy and trendy ebikes Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Auto Repair
DS3 Reverse Gear Royal Deluxe Smooth ride guaranteed Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Auto Repair
DS3 Reverse Gear Monarch Smart trendy eco-friendly Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Auto Repair
DS3 Reverse Gear Legend Intelligent and powerful Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Auto Repair
DS3 Reverse Gear Marvel Ready set go Digital Meter Range up to
60 km/charge
Reverse Gear Auto Repair

Battery Types We Offer

We Offer Two Types of Lead Acid and Lithium ion.
Our Scooters are compatible with lead acid (48V & 60V) as well as lithium ion(48V & 60V) batteries

Lead Batteries

  • Mantra scooty comes with premium quality KIJO Batteries, with weight per battery 7kg. We are the preeminent Manufacturer and Supplier of Automotive Battery,which is hugely acknowledged by the clients for giving reliable performance even in tough applications. We provide Automotive Battery with additional efficient features that are one of the key reasons for their consistent demand.
  • Mantra (Black Gold and Silver Alloy ) Series VRLA Gel Battery is designed based on DZM and DZF series with the features of reliability, safety and high cost efficiency.
  • Black Gold adds noble metal Gold into the grid and enables the battery with an excellent large current discharge capability and larger capacity, this result in minimum 880 cycles (Charge/discharge) of Mantra Batteries. whereas, Silver Alloy adds noble metal silver into the grid and enables the battery with an excellent large current discharge capability and larger capacity, this result in minimum 450 cycles (Charge/discharge) of Mantra Batteries.

Lead Batteries



28 AH




7KG Approx/Pcs

Charging Cycles


Build Base


Li- Ion Batteries

  • Mantra Scooters uses excellent quality Lithium ion Batteries. Aimed at providing extraordinary performance with longer life these EV Batteries are made sturdy and they last long hauls while they get fully charged quickly.Maintenance free Li-ion EV Batteries come with 3 years full warranty.
  • We being the segment creators in this particular space are looking at leveraging on this opportunity with the exclusive range of Li-ion EV Batteries that provide sustainable, secure and eco-friendly power.”

Lead Batteries



28 AH




7KG Approx/Pcs

Charging Cycles


Build Base


Slide All of our products are passed and approved by ICAT
to provide you with the complete assurance & safety.

You can easliy trust MANTRA as we follows all the
governmnet rules & regulations.
Electric Scooter
Looking For Best Electric Scooter
So Here we presents MANTRA LEGEND, Being Stylish & Sporty
Stylish & Sport E-scooters

The world is going electric

What are you waiting for?

Owners of an EV have the advantage of much lower running costs. There is relatively little servicing and no expensive exhaust systems, starter motors, fuel injection systems, radiators and many other parts that aren’t needed in an EV.

Just like a smartphone, you can plug in your EV when you get home and have it ready for you to use the next morning.  Since the electric grid is available almost anywhere, there are a variety of options for charging: at homeat work or on the road. By charging often, you may never need to go to a gas station again!

Got Some Questions? Feel Free to Ask Us!
Call us at+91-9053421115

1. How to become a mantra dealer?

Ans.  It is very easy and simple process-

  1. Click On Become Dealer Button
  2. Fill Up The Form
  3. Wait For Our Expert Call
  4. Get Approved by fulfilling minimum dealer requirements
  5. After getting approval just visit our site and click BOOK YOUR ORDER & start earning.

2. What are the minimum requirements to become mantra dealer?

Ans.  1. There should not exist any mantra dealer in the area you want to work.

  1. You should have your own gst no.
  2. You have to employee a mechanic or technician in your showroom.
  3. You need to provide you some personal details like- aadhar card, pan card,

Email, phone no. , address etc.

3. Do mantra dealer have any minimum sales target?

Ans. Yes, 16 piece per month

4. What if Dealer fails to complete sales target?

Ans. After 6 months of continuous failure of  minimum sales target, mantra will be free to make an another dealer in that city.

5. Does mantra makes two dealer in one city?

Ans. No

6. What is the security charges for distributer ?

Ans.  2 lacks per district

7. What minimum is investment needed to start e-bike business with mantra?

Ans.  10lacs.

8. Is transportation cost is from dealer side?

Ans.  Yes

9. Do mantra have extra spare parts of their scooters?

Ans.  Yes, we can provide all spare parts at a very reliable price.

10. What is minimum mantra showroom size?

Ans.  1500 sq. ft. (app.)

11. Is mantra offer Disc brakes in their scooter?

Ans. Yes, mantra offer both types of braking system Disc as well as Drum its dealer choice which he want to apply.

12. What is the minimum order quantity?

Ans.  Minimum order quantity is 16 pieces

13. What is warranty of Lead acid and Lithium ion batteries?

Ans. Lead acid-12 months

Lithium ion- 2 year guarantee + 1 year warranty

14. Is mantra offer lithium batteries in their scooter?

Ans. Yes, mantra offer power-packed lithium ion batteries of all variants  in their scooters.

15. Is accessory guard is available for mantra scooters?

Ans.  Yes

16. Does mantra scooter have ladies foot rest?

Ans.  Yes

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The most effective Pokemon games

Pokemon Gold and Silver

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Pokemon Red and also Blue

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Numerous years after its release in 2003, an upgraded edition complied with in the form of Omega Ruby as well as Alpha Sapphire.