Electric scooters are one of the best ways to fight India’s global warming issue. As environmental changes are becoming a greater issue day by day; it also becomes necessary for India to find a solution for that. Not only from an environmental angle but also electric scooter is an economical option as well for Indian Citizens there are numerous Indian brands like Mantra, Hero, etc. that sell electric scooters at an affordable rate with the best qualities. Created with modern technologies and equipped with the latest features these best electric scooters are futuristic. To find out why the electric scooter is the future in India let’s dig more into the electric scooter and find out about its advantages and the different models that are available in the market. Let’s take a brand to understand this point better. We will talk about Mantra e-bikes and electric scooters dealership.

Benefits of electric scooters in India:

  • Redefined two-wheelers definition in India by presenting how the scooter market can evolve and take India towards a better future. 
  • Electric scooters are compact in design and can make their way effortlessly on Indian roads in the heavy traffic of the day. 
  • As we know Two wheelers are mostly used vehicles in India so they emit a lot of pollution every day to save our health and for the sake of the environment, electric scooters are considered a gift to nature. This can help India to attain their goal of sustainable development.
  • You can save a lot of money which you used to spend on petrol because electric vehicles are easy and way cheaper to charge as compared to a traditional scooter.
  • Due to its non-complex design, there is no need to worry about grease or that oily smell on your hands and clothes while getting your scooter from maintenance. Electric scooters are very easy and require very low-cost maintenance.
  • A better option to choose as cars emit a lot of pollution and electric cars are neither very common nor everybody can afford them in India. So electric scooters are the best options available which are affordable as well as save your time because these big cars get stuck in traffic very easily and waste a lot of time.
  • Mantra is a reliable and dominant brand in terms of electric two-wheelers manufacturers in India so you won’t have to worry about the quality or anything.
  • With a lot of varieties, they acquire a bigger share in the market as they provide something for people of every age group whether an office-going man, a college student, or a working woman.
  • Mantra also provides the original spare parts of these electric scooters so that nothing can affect your scooter’s performance or efficiency.

Models Available with Mantra e-bikes:

As electric scooters are the future of India Mantra works to make its electric scooter better each day. They have already launched 8 models and are set to launch 2 more models in the coming years which will be a delight to experience. They also provide test rides so you can try Mantra electric scooters in your nearest Mantra e-bike showroom. 

The Models launched by Mantra in their electric scooter variant are:


mantra royal electric scooty

A high-performing scooter designed in a way to give you that royal feel while riding it and smooth performance. It comes with a long-lasting battery that too with two battery options lithium-ion and lead-acid battery. It can give you a mileage of 80-100km on a single charge.

Royal Deluxe

It comes under the luxurious bike by Mantra which is available at the best rate when compared to other luxurious bikes available in the market. Equipped with 12 inches tubeless alloy wheels this electric scooter can give a very comfy yet powerful ride. Royal Deluxe has multiple safety features to ensure rider protection as well as the safety of their belongings.  

Mini Marvel

Mantras Mini Marvel electric scooter is designed in a way that can easily catch people’s attention and creates an amazing aura. It can give a top speed of 25kmph and a mileage of 60km per charge. Mini Marvel is available in 4 classy colors which allow you to choose your favorite color from the option Silver Black, Maroon, ad White. So enjoy this electric scooter every day and get people’s attention as well. 


This electric scooter is introduced to make everyday commutes more fun and cooler. Marvel gives a comfortable ride and smoother performance every day with the same efficiency. If we talk about the looks this electric scooter has a sleek look and comes in a very cool variety of colors. Marvel is available in Golden, Silver, Black, Cherry Red, White, and Maroon, a combo of modern and classy colors so that no one has to compromise with their choice. 


mantra legend electric scooter

As the name suggests this electric scooter can give you a legendary feels on the Indian streets. With a weight of only 105kg, Legend has a high loading carrying capacity of 180kg easily. It comes with a charging port so that you can charge your phone while riding your Legend electric scooter. It is a durable scooter that can give a clean performance even in not-so-good weather conditions as well. So what are you waiting for? Go get ready to take a legendary test drive with Legend electric scooter.


mantra rider deluxe electric scooty

This electric scooter has all the amazing features that a rider can ask for. Its name says a lot about it, you can get the feel of a rider with this compact and lightweight yet very high-performing electric scooter by Mantra. It has a digital meter and 12 inches tubeless alloy wheels to give a great grip to the tires. This electric scooter is available in 

Rider Deluxe

The all-new rider deluxe electric scooter from Mantra gives an irresistible smooth performance. An updated version of the rider is all set to give tough competition to all the existing electric scooters in the market. It is considered a delight for sports bike lovers who want to shift to an electric scooter as it has a lot of sporty features. It can carry up to 180kg weight very easily and gives a mileage of 100km on a full charge. 

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A uniquely styled bike Monarch is a premium scooter. This electric scooter is a tough one with high-performing skills. It can bear rain, potholes, and uneven streets on Indian roads. An economical premium electric scooter with a very appealing presence. It comes with two types of breaks and four color options. You also get to choose your preferred battery type in Monarch.

mantra monarch e-bikes

After reading this blog, you must have gotten your answer on how electric scooters are the future in India and how beneficial they are; if compared to traditional scooters. Electric scooters are economical, sustainable, and modern. They are a cool initiative with a great social objective.
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