Mantra E-bike is one of the leading e-bike brands in India with the largest electric scooter dealership network. They manufacture and supply their amazing e-bikes all over India and get appreciated as well for their products. Introducing you a perfect balance of power and charmer, its perfect design and dynamic features make it a beast and attract people’s attention. Mantra has a variety of products that are suitable for people from every age group. In this era, where the world is moving toward future technology. Why are you stuck with your old conventional bike? Shift to a Mantra e-bike today at an affordable price.

The question like why only the Mantra e-bike? What is unique about them? And a lot of other ones must be coming to your mind, but no need to worry we got you.

Introducing you to the top 10 reasons to choose a Mantra e-bike.

Pocket friendly:

Mantra’s e-bike starting price lies under 40,000 whereas on the other hand if we take a look at the price of a normal bike it starts at 60,000. At this price also you won’t get the best quality bike it is just the starting price. With Mantra, you will get the best quality products, whether it’s the lowest-priced bike or the highest one. An electric bike not only saves your money at the time of purchase but also will save your petrol expenditure. Petrol prices are becoming very heavy on pocket day by day but it takes only Rs. 20 in India to charge an electric bike, isn’t it awesome?


Mantra provides an absolutely stunning wide selection of electric bikes. They offer you 8 electric bikes that stand up to the mark.

Marvel mini – Don’t go for its name Marvel Mini is totally the opposite of its name. An electric bike that is introduced for your daily commutes and has amazon features. Mini can give a top speed of 25kmph and has drum brakes to allow a safe landing on your bike.

Marvel – Marvel is a better and updated version of the Marvel mini to give you an amazon riding experience this e-bike is the combination of that perfect amount of comfort and sleek design to attract people. 

Rider – Rider as the name suggests will give a feeling of a rider from its amazing performance in the sunny hot and ice-cold Indian weather. Not only this it gives a mileage of 70km on a single charge.

Rider deluxe – A supreme quality electric bike by Mantra that is best for people who love sports bikes. This bike is designed with the intention to give it a sporty look and features as well. A high-performance bike that is equipped with anti-theft features. 

Royal – The masterpiece of Mantra to give its customers a lavish ride on bumpy Indian streets. Royal can easily handle the potholes and rain that are quite common on the streets and will give you a comfortable experience every time you ride it. Experience a royal ride on Mantras Royal electric bike.

Royal Deluxe – Royal Deluxe is another electric bike that is designed with the mindset of a daily user. It is equipped with a comfortable seat, a USB port to charge your phone, an anti-theft system, and a loading capacity of 160kg.

Monarch – Monarch means the head of all and this bike is actually the head of all bikes. It has unique features and gives an exceptional experience while riding. Even though Monarch is a fully featured bike and has everything a bike lover could ask for, this electric bike is very easy to start and use on the roads. 

Legend – Lastly we have Legend by Mantra, this bike has special features and is considered perfectly reliable for Indian roads. Tested by different customers this bike got a lot of great reviews for its amazing performance and eye-catching looks. Designed with innovative technology, Legend has a motor powered by 250 watts and is also equipped with a boss smart controller. 

If you want to know in detail about these electric bikes you can check Mantra’s Website.

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Color options:

If you are also bored with the old and same option of white and black color in bikes then the best place is Mantra. They offer electric bikes in 6 attractive and quirky colors which are not easily available with other brands. Maroon, the darkish red color which gives a royal look; Silver, considered the favorite color for office-going or the elder generation; Yellow, a popping color for the people who don’t like to be ordinary and always go out-of-the-box; Bluish green, soothing color to calm your mind whenever you will ride in traffic of the Indian roads. The classic old Black and White colors are also available so that everyone can find almost everything of their choice. 


Mantra electric bikes are manufactured with the latest and innovative technology to give them a futuristic look. To go with the trend Mantra has designed all of its electric bikes with a stylish and modern approach. This modern technology allows your e-bike to shift easily from one mode to another. If you are thinking that it will become hard for you to understand how to use an electric bike, then let me tell you this is one of the easiest bikes to handle. With the lightweight frame and automatic adjustment, there is nothing to be afraid of from this incredibly amazing Mantra e-bike.

Low maintenance cost:

Your old complex traditional bikes require service every month which costs quite a good amount. One of the best things about Mantra electric bikes is that they are low maintenance; you won’t have to worry about getting oil on your clothes or having to take your bike in for regular tune-ups. The only thing it requires is a full charge and you are good to go with your new electric friend.  

Battery options:

There are two types of batteries that can be fitted to electric bikes. The first one is a Lithium-ion battery and the Second one is a Lead acid battery. The lithium-ion batteries have specific sizes so they can’t fit in every model but mantra e-bikes are designed in a way that both types of batteries can be fitted into it that too with the best quality of wiring. They take longer to discharge and have high-density power. Lead acid batteries are lower in cost and reliable as well, it is capable of giving great performance in both low and high temperatures. Lead-acid batteries can be recycled efficiently. Mantra allows their customer to choose any battery option of their choice and preference.

Easily available:

Available for purchase in showrooms or through the online website, all the Mantra products are accessible to their customers in every way possible. If you want to touch and experience their electric bikes you can directly go to their showrooms. Mantras showrooms are available in 5 different states of India. Dehradun, Uttarakhand; Puducherry, Tamil Nadu; Bhubaneshwar, Odisha; Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, and CHeruvathur, Kerala. If you are not from the above-mentioned state you don’t have to worry because the products are available online as well with the same variety of colors, features, and options.

Indian brand:

If you are someone who believes in buying domestically manufactured products but also wants to experience the latest technology-based product then Mantra is a perfect option for you. Mantra manufactures its products in India and is a proper Indian brand. This will not only boost the Indian economy but it’s an economical option for you as well. Invented with the idea of the future and manufactured with the latest technology this bike attracts people’s attention on the road with its astonishing presence.

Environment friendly:

No need to mention how beneficial an electric bike is for the environment. As we know Petrol is a fossil fuel that is one of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses. Not only is it polluting the environment but also emits one of the most dangerous substances that can cause severe health problems. Electric bikes run on batteries so there are no chances of pollution or health issues. They easily last for 4-5 years so no need to be tense about the disposal of the battery.

Spare parts:

We all know that electric bikes are still trying to make a place in the Indian market. In this situation, it becomes a very hard job to find spare parts for an e-bike. This fact also demotivates you from buying an e-bike. Electric bikes are still a new concept here, but with Mantra all this becomes an easy job as you don’t have to worry about the spare parts of your e-bike. Mantra has one of the largest networks which makes the spare parts of its electric bikes easily available to its clients.

After mentioning all the reasons, I am guessing we have solved all your queries about why you should opt for an electric bike and why specifically Mantra E-bike is suitable for you. Go eco-friendly, save your earth and your pocket as well, Go for Mantra.