Top 10 Electric Scooter in India

Sustainability is the new goal and the need of the hour. Electric vehicles are growing each day in the Indian market. Not only is it a comfortable option but also one of the best inventions for the environment. We are here with the top 10 electric scooters in India as the demand for e-bikes and scooters is growing with each passing day.

No need to go to different sites and waste your time researching because we did proper research for you to give the top 10 electric scooters in India that are affordable and classy. We hope you will find your perfect electric scooter from the products mentioned below.

We have finalized the top 10 Electric scooters in India after comparing n number of scooters available in the Indian market.

Before finding out the top 10 electric scooters in India, consider why you should buy an electric scooter instead of a non-electric one.

Benefits of Electrified bike and scooter:


Sustainability means fulfilling our needs without compromising the needs of the future generation. Pollution is destroying the environment wildly and fossil fuel usage is one of the main reasons for it. E-Scooters are the perfect invention for the environment and our health as well because at the end of the day this pollution is affecting our health only. So not only electric scooters are saving the environment but also creating a sustainable one by saving fossil fuels as they are non-renewable energy and it takes years for them to form again.


Electric scooters are expensive as compared to normal scooters but they are economical in the long run. As petrol prices are increasing every day right now it is around Rs100-110 and is getting heavier on the pocket. E-scooters are considered a one-time investment; it takes only Rs.20 to fully charge an electric scooter in India.


As we know electric scooters are new in the market so they are manufactured with the latest technology. Using AI and IoT they are made with motion sensors and with machine learning to give you the best experience. 


Like a traditional scooter, the e- scooter doesn’t require regular service; they are made with modern technology. This is the best part about it; maintaining electronic scooters is no big of a task, it requires low maintenance so you don’t have to worry about their maintenance. In the coming years, its maintenance cost will become much lower compared to today.


Due to its compact and lightweight structure, it becomes very easy to handle. It’s low on noise so doesn’t create any disturbance as well. For someone who likes lightweight bikes and scooters, electric ones are perfect for them.


As electronic scooters have many advantages, the Indian government also promotes their sale in the Indian market. Direct discount on the purchase, registration fee exemption, coupons, interest subvention, etc.  

 Top 10 Electric scooters in India 2022.

  1. LEGEND by Mantra E-bikes:

Mantra E-bikes was established in 2018. It is an Indian electric two-wheeler manufacturing company that manufactures trendy e-scooters with the best quality. Approved by the international center for automotive technology (ICAT) mantra e-bikes aim towards creating a greener, better, and cleaner India by manufacturing environmentally friendly products.

With looks like Vespa and features of an amazing electric scooter, Legend will redefine the way you ride a conventional scooter. This scooter comes under the Top 10 electric scooters in India 2022 because of its sleek and appealing design that fits with the personality of people from all age groups. 

Legend Features:

There are two battery options available for you: Lithium Ion and Lead-acid. A full charge Lithium-Ion battery will give you a Mileage of 80-100km with a charging time of 4-5 hours. On the other hand, you will get a Mileage of 45-50km with a charging time of 7-8 hours if you go for a Lead-acid battery. Its comfortable seats, easy shifts, and powerful suspension make it more attractive. Charging your phone while riding is one of the coolest features that this legend provides. Manta’s Legend is a durable electric scooter designed especially for Indian roads and comes with multiple benefits. It is available in 6 different colors so you have a variety to choose from. Legend can carry 180kg of weight easily so it has a high loading capacity as well.

Legend Specifications:

This electric scooter comes with a top speed of 25kmph. It has a hydraulic suspension type; the front side suspension is telescopic and the rear side suspension has a coil spring. Its 12 inches tubeless alloy wheels make its performance smoother on Indian roads. Legends weigh 105kg with a length of 1750, a width of 700, and a height of 1300. It has the boss smart controller and a motor of 250 watts. Both batteries have a voltage of 48 volts and 60 volts. You can purchase this Legend from the mantra e-bikes website.

  1. Ola S1 Pro

Ola Electric is owned by Ola cabs which is one of the most famous cab facilities available in India and is a multinational company based in Bangalore. They manufacture electric two-wheelers in India. At a great price, they have launched their adorable-looking Ola S1 Pro. It has a very cute and calming look, for its design Ola got an award in 2020. You can purchase this via the ola app.

Ola S1 Pro features and Specifications:

With a color palette of 10 gorgeous colors, this scooter has a large space to keep your belongings. A top speed of 116 kmph and an industry-leading performance motor makes it more classy. Ola S1 Pro has disc brake systems, rear mono suspension, and superior chassis. One of its attractive features is it has smart onboard sensors to connect and communicate with your phone so it can be customized easily and hassle-free. Safety features, LTE, Wifi, and a lot more small specifications and features bring it into the top 10 electric scooter in India category.

  1. Mini Marvel:

Mini marvel is yet another astonishing e-scooter by mantra e-bike. It has crisp features and charming looks. It will bring people’s eyes to you while riding. Even though its name consists of a mini, this one can give better performance than a bigger e-bike.

Mini Marvel features and Specification:

Its comfortable seats, easy shifts, and powerful suspension make it more attractive. Mini marvel gives a mileage of 50-60 km with the charging of 7-8 hours. Mini marvel lead-acid batteries are used with a hydraulic suspension. The top speed of this e-scooter is 20kmph. Brakes that are used are drums for both the front and the rear brakes. You have classy color options available with you which are Maroon, Silver, White, and Black. Gross weight of 95 kg makes it lighter than other electric scooters and has a length, width, and height of 1700,670, and 1200. The lead-acid battery comes with a battery ah of 28ah and a voltage of 48 or 60 volts. This mini marvel has a loading capacity of 130kgs and a boss smart controller.  


This is another bike from the mantra e-bike. They call it a premium bike because of its unique style, performance, and extraordinary comfort riding experience. An effective scooter to fulfill all your demands. The Monarch is designed in a way to set a new benchmark in the Indian market to be a trendsetter. Monarch’s advanced features contribute to its highly charismatic presence. It is part of the top 10 electric scooters in India because of its innovative technology and design.

Monarch features:

It comes with two battery types Li-ion and lead-acid. The Lithium-ion gives a mileage of 80-100km with a full charge of 4-5 hours. On the other hand, Lead-acid gives a mileage of 7-8 hours with a full charge of 7-8 hours both have their own pros and cons. Easy to start, easy shift, and all other small yet effective features makes it more charismatic.

Monarch specifications:

Suspension type: Hydraulic

Top Speed: 25kmph

Wheels: 12inches tubeless Alloy wheels

Front brakes: Drum; Rear brakes: Drum

Color: Maroon, Silver, White, and Black

Gross Weight: 110kg

Length, width, and height: 1800, 700, and 1300

Loading Capacity: 200kg

Moto power: 250 watt

  1. Marvel:

Another mantra e-bike that will amaze you with its temperaments. A comfortable bike is a lot more preferable than a fancy one which just has looks and Marvel has both commendable looks and comfort. . Its comfortable seats won’t let you get hurt on our lovely bumpy Indian roads. This piece is designed for daily commutes and can be used by college-going students as well as office-going employees. Without compromising your comfort this e-scooter can handle heavy rain and the potholes which you can find on most roads.

Marvel features:

A mileage of 60-70km, with a charging time of 7-8 hours comes with a lead-acid battery. It has a powerful shock absorber for a smooth and easy ride. A spacious place under the seat where you can keep all your essentials whenever going out.   

Marvel Specifications:

Suspension type: Hydraulic

Top speed: 25kmph

Brakes: Front – Drum, Rear – Drum

Color: Cherry Red, Maroon, Silver, White, Black, and Golden

Gross Weight: 100kg

Length, width, and height: 1750, 670, and 1250

Battery Type: Lead Acid

This one has a sleek look, you can check the images on its website.

  1. Rider:

This electric scooter is equipped with stunning features and recommendable performance. A scooter that is designed to give you an infinite delightful ride experience. The rider is introduced to change your perception of e-bikes. This one has all the facilities one could ask for in an e-bike. It comes with two powerful batteries one is the long-prevailing Lithium-ion battery and the other is the finest lead-acid battery. As the name suggests this will give you a feel of a rider with its irresistibly smooth performance. 

Rider Features:

 Available with 5 marvelous color options, this scooter is known for its comfort and quality. On a full charge, the rider can cover a range of 50-55 km. The rider has a digital meter, reverse gear, and a lady’s footrest. Its long battery life gives a mileage of 70 km per charge. Gets full charge in 6 hours and works amazingly well in hot as well as cold weather.

Rider Specifications:

Suspension type: Hydraulic 

Color option: Maroon, Silver, White, Black, Bluish-green

Wheels: 12inches Alloy Wheels

Gross weight: 100kg

Ground clearance: 120mm

Length,Width, and height: 1700, 670, and 1300

Battery voltage: 48 volts and 60 volts

Battery ah: Lead Acid- 28ah and Lithium-ion- 25ah/28ah/30ah/32ah

  1. Hero Photon:

Hero Electric is the first and largest electric two-wheeler supplier in the Indian market and also one of the oldest suppliers. Being the oldest supplier they already have a customer base and a bigger manufacturing unit which allows them to launch their product at a pocket-friendly price as compared to other competitors. Hero Electric is a SA 8000-certified organization.

Hero photon features:

Available in 5 different colors which are Matt Black, Silver, Red, Blue, and Beige. If we talk about brakes then it comes with disc brakes for the front and drum brakes for the rear. Regenerative braking with battery and motor warranty for 3 years. Reinforced high strength steel chassis type and weighs 87kg. Hero photon wheels are made with tubed alloy and the front and rear suspensions are telescopic suspensions.

Hero photon Specifications:

Battery type: Lithium-ion

Top speed: 45kmph

Motor Type: BLDC Hub motor

Riding Range:108km

The plus point is it has a charging unit for your phone.

  1. Rider Deluxe:

As the name suggests rider deluxe, is a premium electric scooter introduced by mantra e-bike. This one is cool for sports lovers as it comes with excellent sporty features. Mantra says that it can challenge all the other electric vehicle manufacturing companies in the Indian market to compete with its rider deluxe based on its high quality and great performance. This daring quality mantra brings it into the top 10 electric scooters in India. A safe and comfortable design is the basic yet most integral part of a perfect electric scooter. Rider deluxe has a unique design that grabs attention and allows bikes to enjoy safe and comfy rides.

Rider Deluxe features and specifications:

Its features include hybrid battery wiring for a comfortable ride with both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. On a full charge, it can travel up to 65km with lead-acid and 100km with lithium-ion. It takes 4-5 hrs and 7-8 hours for both the batteries. A hydraulic suspension with a top speed of 25kmph. It comes up with brake-types discs and drums. Rider Deluxe is available in 5 lavish colors Maroon, Silver, White, Black, and Bluish-green. The gross weight of this e-bike is 105kg with a length of 1750, a weight of 700, and a height of 1300. It can carry up to 180kgs. 

  1. Royal:

To give you a luxurious ride on the Indian streets, Royal is introduced. Royal includes both the batteries long-lasting Li-ion and high-quality lead-acid. To protect your bike from theft this masterpiece has anti-theft and central locking options. 

Royal features and Specifications:

The royal comes up with fierce features, hard to break mechanism, and long battery life. Its stylish body and the available color options make it more fascinating. The two batteries give a mileage of 80-100km and 45-50km when charged fully. Its great LED lights and perfect fitting offer you a great view in the dark. The brakes are drum type both the brakes. The colors in which this e- scooter is available are BLack everyone’s favorite, white the classic one, silver for the old generation, and Maroon for someone who loves to try different colors. Loading capacity is 140-180kg and the suspension type is hydraulic. It weighs 100kg with a length of 1700, a width of 700, and a height of 1300. Royal has a boss smart controller with 250-watt battery power.

  1. Royal Deluxe:

A swish scooter that is designed for daily commutes, so the features that are added, ensure a comfortable ride. This one is capable of bringing changes in terms of electric vehicles in the Indian market. It is a resilient and sharp e-bike powered by long continuing lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. This e-scooter Produces zero emigration, so it is a friend to the environment.         

         Royal deluxe features:

It has multiple safety features including central locking, parking mode, anti-theft, and a braking system that makes your ride smooth like butter. This one goes well with the name as it has luxury features for its users. It creates no noise on the road so you can call it a silent eagle. 

Royal Deluxe specifications:

Loading Capacity: 160kg.

Battery Type: Li-ion and Lead acid.

Battery ah(Li-ion): Lithium-ion- 25ah/28ah/30ah/32ah.

Battery ah(lead-acid): Lead Acid- 28ah.

On a full charge: Lead Acid- 50km, Li-ion- 100km

Wheels: 12inches tubeless alloy wheels

Front brakes – Drum; Rear brakes – Drum

Colors: White, Silver, Black, and Maroon


After doing a lot of research and talking about the top 10 electric scooters in India, we have concluded that even though electric scooters are a new concept, it is taking pace in the Indian market and creating a competitive environment. Mantra e-bike is new in the market if compared to tata, bajaj, hero, etc. but is capable of giving tough competition to them through its amazing e-bikes. These brands have the advantage of their goodwill which makes them reliable, but a leading brand like Mantra can be considered the future of electric bikes in India. Launching a variety of e-bikes is making companies like Ola a little less competitive in the market. The best part  I found about this company is that their aim is not limited to creating a business and customer base, but they are more aware and concerned about the environment which covers the social objective of a company properly. Sustainability is the only goal for introducing e-vehicle, and this brand is performing up to the mark on that.


  1. How long do the e-bike batteries last?

Ans. If stored properly they last for 2-4 years easily.

  1. Are electric scooters too expensive in India?

Ans. For now yes they are a Lil bit expensive but it will save your cost of petrol so, in the long run, it’s beneficial anyways. 

  1. What is the average price of an e-bike?

Ans. The average price of an e-bike in India lies between 1.5-2.5 Lakhs.

  1. Which Indian company manufactures electric vehicles?

Ans. Hero, Mantra E-bikes, TVS, etc.

  1. What is the price to fully charge an e-scooter?

Ans. To charge your e-scooter fully it costs Rs.20 in India.