1. Hero Electric 26.25 6,576
2. TVS Motor 4.57 1,417
3. Mantra E-bike    
4. Ather 4.50 2,447
5. OLA 38.93 12,698
6. Bajaj 1.67 1,121
7. Pure EV 4.16 1,756
8. Revolt 2.84 1,239
9. Ampere 12.77 6,539
10. Okinawa 16.69 11,010

As demand for electric vehicles is growing in the Indian market; the competition is also growing between companies. Petrol prices are increasing frequently all over the world, and electric scooters are becoming a viable alternative to solve this problem. Not only this will save your petrol money, but also healthily affect the environment, and electric scooters are low maintenance so it is beneficial in different ways. In the world, electric vehicles have achieved quite a popularity but in India, it is still fitting. The top 10 electric scooter company in India that manufactures these two-wheelers in India only are mentioned below. There are ample old and well-known companies that have launched their electric scooter in competition with the new manufacturers of electric scooters in the Indian market. 

Now let’s find out the top 10 electric scooter companies in India that are performing incredibly well in the Indian market. 


  1. Hero Electric

The first company in the top 10 electric companies in India is Hero, a very well-known one of the largest and oldest brands in the Indian market. They have a Pan India distribution and service network. The parent company of Hero Electric is Hero motocorp which introduced Hero Electric as a separate company in 2007 that manufactures electric two-wheelers in India since then. They have a variety of electric scooters available at an affordable price. You can book your favorite electric scooter for Rs. 2999 with them.  

  1. TVS Motors

          In the category of top 10 electric scooter companies in India, we have TVS motors,   again one of the brands that have a great image in the Indian market. Headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu TVS motors were established in 1978 and now they export to almost 60 countries. It is the second largest exporter of two-wheelers and they have now entered the electric vehicle industry by launching TVS iQube, one of its electric scooters. They have announced that we can also see some new launches of other electric scooters in the coming year.

  1. Mantra E-Bike

An incredibly amazing and leading brand in the electric vehicle industry. Mantra E-bike was introduced in 2018 and manufactures and supplies electric vehicles, batteries, etc. Based in Haryana, this company’s CEO is Mr. Dayanand Jain. 

From creating a huge network of clients to contributing toward sustainability in India, they have come a long way and aim to expand more in the coming years.

Varieties is something we all like whether it is in colors or features. Mantra gives you a huge variety of products, which are available in almost 6 color options, and astonishing features. You can also get your favorable battery type fitted according to your needs. Their strength is that they provide all of this in an affordable range so that no one has to compromise for anything. They are one of the top 10 electric scooter companies in India because they make spare parts of these electric scooters easily accessible to its customers through its huge network of services in India without any hassle.

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  1. Ather

Bangalore-based Ather Energy was founded in 2013. Gaining popularity in terms of electric bikes they have made it to the top 10 electric scooter companies in India. The founders of this company are Mr. Swapnil Jain and Mr. Tarun Mehta. Ather has manufactured Ather450plus and Ather 450X, these two electric scooters with great features and a price of Rs. 1.20 Lakh. Ather grid and electric vehicle charging infrastructure is also made and introduced byAther energy. The highest price they charge right now for one of their best e-bikes is 1.38 Lakh.

  1. OLA Electric

Again a very well-known brand Ola cab is used by almost every Indian and in 2019 after buying its stake Bhavish Aggarwal launched Ola electric. which is currently the number 1 electric two-wheeler in India. In the top 10 electric scooter companies in India, Ola electric is currently emerging as the number 1 electric scooter in India. Their electric scooter has a very calming and adorable look. They provide a test ride at your door, which is plus one point in terms of customer assistance. The manufacturing plant of Ola Electric is located in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, and the main office is situated in Bangalore.  

  1. Bajaj Auto

A company that was established before independence bajaj auto was a must-have brand to be added to the top 10 electric scooter companies in India. This Indian multinational brand manufactures two-wheelers as well as three-wheelers. They have named their first ever electric scooter, Bajaj Chetak by getting inspired by the 90s chetak, this name has been taken. Being a reliable and easily accessible brand Bajaj sold 1,121 units in April 2022.  

  1. Pure EV

Again not a very famous brand Pure Ev manufactures electric bikes and designs them as well. The founder of this company is Dr. Nishanth Dongari and the co-founder is Rohit Vadera who is the CEO of PURE as well. PURE according to the company stands for Power using renewable energy. Their motive is to change the Indian system from using bikes that use fossil fuels to shifting towards green transportation. They have ETRYST350 and EPLUTO7g  electric scooters which have great looks and numerous features. They provide high Torque motors with long-lasting batteries. 

  1. Revolt Motors

Revolt motors is founded by Rahul Sharma, who is also the co-founder of one of the famous companies Micromax. Revolt is added to the top 10 electric scooters in India because it has introduced RV400 India’s first electric bike that is AI-enabled. Its headquarter is in Gurgaon, Haryana. A production plant that can charge 1.2 lakh bikes at a time is another astonishing part of this company. RV400 is now available for booking so if you’re interested you can check on their website for further details. A lot of functions in their bikes can be easily controlled and changed by the My Revolt App. Revolt motors have 20+ hubs all over India where you can experience their motorcycle.

  1. Ampere

Ampere has its headquarters in Coimbatore, they are counted as one of the oldest players in the Indian market that provides battery-operating two-wheelers. Ampere was introduced in 2008 when the trend of electric vehicles in India didn’t even exist. They design and manufacture two-wheelers in India with the aim of taking India towards Newage energy. They have two electric scooters that are available on their site Magnus EX, and ReoPlus. Ampere also did a tie-up with Greaves in the year 2018.

  1. Okinawa

Last but not least we have Okinawa in the Top 10 electric scooters in India. Okinawa has introduced e-bikes with great design and excellent features. It was established in 2016 and founded by Mr. Jetendra Sharma. Okinawa introduced its first product Ridge in 2017 and also has 4 Regional offices in India. One of the commendable things about Okinawa is they have collaborated with HDFC Bank and launched 7 EVs already. Its 8th product, the OKI 100 is going to launch in the coming years. 


After doing a lot of research and checking numerous brands we listed the top 10 electric scooter companies in India. In this, we talked about when these companies started, where their headquarters are, how many varieties of electric scooters they offer, and many more things. Some well-known brands like Ola electric and Hero are performing well in the EV market, but brands like Mantra and Okinawa who are comparatively new are performing extremely well and growing with great speed. Mantra E-bikes have the advantage of variety and choices that they provide. They have launched 8 high-quality electric scooters already which is the maximum number if we compare it with the other companies from the top 10 electric scooter companies in India. Okinawa is also giving a commendable performance looking at the fact that it is also a new brand in the Indian market. In the future, these brands can give tough competition to a lot of well-known brands that are launching electric bikes and scooters.
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  1. Are Ola and Ola electric the same companies?

Ans. No, its is owned by Bhavish Aggarwal who bought Ola’s stake and launched Ola electric under its name.

  1. Which company from the top 10 electric scooter companies in India provides affordable electric scooters with the best features?

Ans. You can go for TVS and Mantra.

  1. What is the price range for Okinawa electric scooters?

Ans. 62k to 1.22 Lakh.

  1. How many electric scooters have Hero motors launched?

Ans. Hero motors have launched 6 electric scooters.

  1. Which of the companies from the top 10 electric scooter companies in India provides Li-ion as well as lead acid battery options?

Ans. Mantra E-bikes give you the option to choose.