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Mantra’s Rider Deluxe is a premium electric scooter that comes with excellent sporty and handy features, that justify its ‘premium’ tag. Mantra can challenge all other competitive companies in the market on the basis of Rider deluxe outstanding performance and quality.
Rider deluxe has a unique design that grabs attention and helps bikers feel comfortable and safe. This is our highest priority. Its most handy function is that it has hybrid battery wiring which makes him comfortable with both lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. It can travel up to 65km/charge with lead-acid and 100km/charge with lithium-ion.  It comes with a powerful suspension, a high-quality motor, and a boss smart wireless controller. It features a powerful disc braking system, which enhances your safety.

Rider Features

Mileage(Lithium ion: 80-100 km and Lead acid: 45-50 km)
Charging time (Lithium ion: 4-5 hrs and Lead acid: 7-8 hrs )
Battery Options Available( Lithium ion and Lead acid)

Rider Deluxe the best E-Bike

Mini Marvel Green and Clean



Suspension type Hydraulic
Front Side suspension Telescopic
Rear Side suspension Coil Spring
Top Speed 25Kmph
Range per full charge (Lead) Lead Acid-45-50 Kms*
Range per full charge (Li-ion) Lithium-ion- 80-100 Kms*
Front Disc
Rear Drum
Wheels type Alloy Wheels
Wheels size 12 inch
Tire type Tubeless
Color Options Maroon, Silver, White, Black, bluish-green
Gross Weight 105kg
Ground Clearence 120 mm
Length(mm) 1750
Width(mm) 700
Height(mm) 1300
Battery type Lithium-ion or Lead Acid
Battery voltage 48 volt or 60 volt
Battery ah(Lead) Lead Acid- 28ah
Battery ah(Li-Ion) Lithium ion- 25ah/28ah/30ah/32ah
Controller Boss smart controller
Motor Power 250 watt
Charging Time Lead-acid- 7-8 hrs
Lithium-ion- 4-5 hrs
Loading Capacity 140-180 kgs*