If you are looking for a trusted name for buying an electric scooter that will serve you for years, Mantra E-Bikes is an ideal place for you. The company has gained significant recognition as a leading electric scooter company. Mantra offers products that are designed using the most advanced techniques so that the customer enjoys a hassle-free riding experience. It is a fact that every buyer who is new to the electric automobile segment doesn’t have a complete awareness of the key attributes to look for. It is high time that proper awareness is provided on the features to look for in the top electric scooter in India.

Listed below are the essential things you must look for in an electric scooter:

You must ask your electric scooter company about the technical specifications of the electric vehicles that they are offering. The electric battery installed in the scooter is the lifeline of your vehicle. The two commonly used batteries in electric scooters are Li-ion batteries and lead-acid batteries. If you know the battery type well, you will be able to get a clear idea about the speed and range of the vehicle.

Another key attribute that an electric scooter must-have is the sturdiness to run in rough roads and through heavy traffic. People like to invest in the most potent variety are the ampere electric scooters. The type is known for effortlessly gliding through rough terrains. Additionally, the battery used in ampere scooters is protected to avoid water entry into them.

It is always better to go for a trendy design that offers ample leg space for the rider. Another thing to consider is to check the boot space availability. Explicitly considering the condition of roads in India, an electric scooter must take proper care of the safety and comfort of the rider. 

Any investment in terms of an automobile must be backed with proper licencing and documentation. You must know that an electric scooter with its top speed below 25kmph is exempted from registration. If you plan to buy an electric scooter with a top speed greater than 25kmph, registration is mandatory. 

When you make up your mind to purchase an electric scooter, then being a rational consumer, you must try to look for cost-efficient alternatives. The quality of parts installed in the e-bike results in the difference in their prices. For example, an electric scooter with a li-ion battery costs more than one with lead-acid.

Another important factor to consider while making a purchase deal from an electric scooter company is checking on the speed limit. If your purpose of purchase is to commute on the busy city streets, then going with the one with a low-speed limit will be a great choice. The faster range is ideal for those living in areas with relatively less population and speeding up with helping them reach a destination without causing any harm to the environment.


If you are in search of an electric scooter for personal use or for gifting someone, you must consider checking the above-listed factors to make a credible choice. Also Mantra e-Bike is one of the best electric bike dealership in India