How to Get Hero Electric Bike Dealership, Investment, Requirement and More.

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How to Start a Hero Electric Bike Dealership 2023

If you are looking to start an electric bike dealership and need information then this article will help you to understand the requirement for Hero Electric Bike Dealership. India’s market for bike dealers has been thriving in recent years. Motorcycle dealers thrive in every part of the country, from big cities to small towns to rural areas. This is a motivating factor to take the first step in your journey to start an electric bike dealership.

India is a country where more people choose to purchase two-wheelers (mainly bikes) than a car. This is because they are more affordable, more fuel-efficient and better suited for Indian roads.
A key factor is the shared passion of Indian youth for bikes. Many are now switching to electric transport due to rising petrol prices and air pollution. The government encourages electric bikes to be sold by dealers and manufacturers as they are environmentally friendly and economical.

How to Apply for Hero Electric Bike Dealership?

Follow these steps to apply for your Hero Electric dealership:
Step 1 Go to the official Hero Electric Bike Website, open the application form and apply for the electronic bike dealership.

Step 2 Once you submit your electric bike dealer application, the company will be in touch to verify.

Step 3 The company will send an official to verify the exact location of your space.

Step 4 : Now wait for the approval of the company. After you have received it, you will need to pay the entire dealership amount.

Step 5 After you have made your payment, you can proceed to the last step of setting up your business.

This is the most common method:

  • Fill out the form.
  • The surety bond must be secured.
  • To ensure safety, you must purchase liability insurance for each vehicle in your showroom.
  • You will need to apply for your GST tax number in order to tax purposes.
  • You can now get started on designing your showroom to your liking.

Hero Electric Bike
Dealership Investment Cost

You will need to invest money if you plan to open a Hero Electric bike dealership in your locality. You will need Rs40-50 Lakh to get started. It depends on where you live.

  • 1,000 square feet of retail property available for rent at Rs40000
  • Rs5 lac for Interior & Construction
  • Banking Assurance on Company Deposits as Rs10L
  • 30 motorized bikes (initial stock = Rs22 Lakh
  • Maintenance Bike Parts = Rs1- 2 Lac
  • Rs3 Lacs Cash Flow
  • Rs2 laclighting and pipe fittings
  • Rs2 lac for computer network and printer, web access, phones, staff attire, and phone service.
  • Rs15,000 to get a license.

Hero Electric Bike Company Details

In 1956, Mr Dayanand Munjal, a late founder of HERO, set out to bring mobility to millions of people. It is a privately owned company that falls under the umbrella of the automotive industry. It has approximately 50-200 employees and is headquartered in Gurgaon.

After business owners had been reorganized, Kross Motorcycles, Hero Exporters, & Media were all merged into Hero EcoTech, a commercial conglomerate headed by Mr Vijay Munjal. Hero Electric, today’s largest manufacturer of electric 2-wheelers, has hundreds and thousands satisfied customers.

Why Should You Choose Hero Electric Bike Dealership?

Hero electric is a leading brand that offers eco-friendly electric two-wheelers. They offer a unique experience that gives customers an entirely new experience. Electronic Hero two-wheelers are a great choice. They are very affordable and don’t put too much strain on your wallet. Hero has pledged that its electric vehicles will not cause pollution and are completely polluting-free. Hero company’s efforts are in line with sustainable development goals.

These are just a few reasons why customers should choose it.

  • Hero electric dealership is the most trusted manufacturer of two-wheelers within our country.
  • All Hero Electric products are thoroughly checked and a quality control test is conducted by professionals engineers to verify their quality. Each product is subject to 46 quality checks. After this stage, the product reaches its final destination.
  • Hero electric dealership is an established company that adheres to a code of ethics and is committed to social upliftment and environmental protection. This company is also a SA8000 certified company.
  • The Hero electric company is present in almost every part of the country. The company is currently present in over 25 provinces and has more than 350,000 customers.
  • Hero electric bike franchise requires an initial investment of Rs30 crores to Rs50 million. To start a dealership, you will need more than a commercial space. The cost of starting and managing a successful business ranges from Rs30 to Rs 50 Lakhs.

Hero Electric Bike
Dealership Profit and Margin

  • The Hero Electric dealership receives a commission of between 5% to 8% on every e-bike.
  • The MRP is 30%-40% for accessory commissions.
  • Bikes/scooty Hero electric Photon & Optima = Rs74,772.00 – Rs78,206.00
  • Rs75000 at median
  • Each E-bike Gross Profit: Rs5600 – Rs6500
  • The total cost of 20 hero electric bikes per month is Rs120,000.
  • Rs120,000 will be the monthly gross profit.

Hero Electric Bike Dealership Requirement

  • Individual documents like Aadhar cards and Pan cards, voter ID cards and ITRs from the previous two years
  • Photos of Industrial Space
  • Executive Experience
  • Incorporation
  • Udhayam Registration
  • EPF & ESIC
  • Establishment License
  • GST Registration

Other Electric Bike Dealership You Can Apply Now


Hero Electric scooters run on an electric battery and are entirely electric-powered. These scooters use lithium-on batteries. Check out this list of Indian manufacturers of lithium batteries. This eliminates any environmental pollution that could be a concern for the nation and community. These scooters are not only environmentally friendly but also affordable.

Follow the steps below to become a Hero electric dealer. This scooter is great for customers and dealers alike. It’s a great product for dealers that can provide high returns. This scooter is very eco-friendly and cost-effective for customers.


How profitable is the Hero electric dealership?

Electric vehicles are growing at an incredible rate in the Indian market. This is why the profits that comes from an Hero Electric dealership quite high. The dealer could face some challenges in the process of setting up the Hero Electric manufacturing unit, but later on the dealer can receive as much as 25% revenue. The dealer must also complete a variety of tasks and be focused on the success of the outlet.

How many Hero Electric Bike dealers are there in India?

As of December 2022, there were approximately 469 Hero Electric bicycle dealers in India. India has 25 Hero Electric bike showrooms. They are located in 341 cities.

What is the total investment required for Hero electric dealership?

If you wants to take the Hero Electric dealership, then at least ₹40-50 lakhs are required to start the Hero Electric 2-wheeler business.