How to Get Benling Electric Bike Dealership, Investment, Requirement and More.

Benling Electric Scooter Dealership

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How to Start a Benling Electric Bike Dealership 2023

If you are interested in becoming a dealer or franchisee of a well-known brand in India? If you plan to open an e-vehicle dealership near your location? If you want to start a business that is a part of a top-notch brand in the two-wheeler industry? It’s a smart choice to choose Benling India Electric Scooter Dealership. This article will discuss how to get Benling India Electric Scooters dealership, investment, commission and applying process.

How to Apply for Benling Electric Bike Dealership?

You can see three lines at the top of the homepage.

  • The website menu will then open in front of your screen.
  • You will now need to select the third option, which is the dealership. A new page will then appear on your screen.
  • Then, click on “Become a Dealer” and a form will appear.
  • This form will ask you to enter basic information such as your name and email ID. Address, city name, state name and phone number.
  • After that, you will need to fill in some details as shown below:
    • Age
    • Qualification
    • Investment Budget
    • Current Occupation
    • Company Name
    • Designation
    • Turnover
  • All details must be filled out in the Benling dealer form.
  • You can then apply online. Your company representatives will reach out to you immediately.

Benling Electric Bike Dealership Investment Cost

These are the details for an investment in a big showroom:

  1. Refundable security money: 2 lac
  2. Interior works: 5 Lac
  3. Service & Sales Spare Parts: 5 Lac
  4. Initial Stock (20 Bikes), 13 – 15 lac
  5. Working Capital = 5 Lac
  6. Computer System, Printer and Internet Connectivity, Phones, & Staff Dress = 1 Lac
  7. License Fee: 10,000

Total Investment 27 Lakh (Approximate).

Benling Electric Bike Company Details

Industries: Electric Vehicle, Electronics products
Headquarters: Gurugram, Haryana
Type: Privately Held
Founded: 2001
CEO:  Mr. Paritosh Dey

Why Should You Choose Benling Electric Scooter Dealership?

Indian’s top-ranked electric two-wheeler manufacturers. They offer the best electric mobility experience through constant research and development.

Benling India is committed to providing Indian society with zero emission vehicles. We work closely with our technology partner to offer our customers the best technology experience so that they can reach their destinations with minimal environmental impact.

Although electric vehicles aren’t going to dominate the market, it is expected to improve over time. There is no doubt that India’s demand for vehicles has increased in recent years, contributing to rapidly rising pollution levels. Many companies have adopted the technology to produce electric scooters due to the increasing pollution in India. This will help overcome these challenges and will also be economically viable.

Benling Electric Bike Dealership Profit and Margin

  • Bikes Commission
  • Receive an instant discount from your company when you buy a bike with cash
  • Extra Accessories
  • Finance (4%)
  • Additional Bonus for Sales Target Achievement in Sales & Service
  • Insurance Agent Commission

Benling Electric Bike Dealership Required Documents & License:

  1. Minimum 21 years of age is required
  2. Must be 12th grade or graduate.
  3. Capacity should be between 20 Lakh and 25 Lakh
  4. Experience in relevant products
  5. Space for Godown 500 sqft.
  6. 1500 square feet is the minimum area you should have (1000 sqft showroom, 500 service center).
  7. Ability of Management/Supervision.

Note The Area should be on Ground Floor and Frontage to showroom (Minimum 20 – 30 ft.

Benling Dealership Contact / Enquiry Details

If you have any query related Benling E-Bike Dealership then you may contact to the company via given details as I’ve mentioned below:

Other Electric Bike Dealership You Can Apply Now


Benling Electric Bike run on an electric battery and are entirely electric-powered. E-Bike use lithium-on batteries. Check out this list of Indian manufacturers of lithium batteries. This eliminates any environmental pollution that could be a concern for the nation and community. E-Bike are not only environmentally friendly but also affordable.

Follow the steps below to become a Benling Electric Dealer. Benling Electric Bike is great for customers and dealers alike. It’s a great product for dealers that can provide high returns. Electric Bike is very eco-friendly and cost-effective for customers.


Is electric bike dealership profitable?

Yes. its Profits & Margin is really high and it is one of the best investment opportunities for the new entrepreneurs and for individuals who want to start up a 2- wheeler electric dealership business. And In coming era there will be high demand of electric vehicle.

Total Investment for Benling India Electric Scooters Dealership in India?

If you want to take Benling India Electric Scooters in your area then. You need approximate INR 27 lakh to start. Depends on your location that any other dealer is already available or not. If available then you can start with low investment as sub- dealers.

  1. Refundable Security Money: 2 Lac
  2. Interior works: 5 Lac
  3. Sales & Service Spare Parts: 5 Lac
  4. Initial Stock (20 Bikes) = 13 Lac – 15 Lac.
  5. Working Capital = 5 Lac
  6. Computer System, Printer, Internet Connectivity, Phones & Staff Dress = 1 Lac
  7. License fee: 10,000

How can I apply for Benling India Electric Scooters Dealership?

All the information is given above. You can call on number: +91 1244 103 872  . Or you can mail on [email protected]  & [email protected]