Electric scooters are something that you must have heard about in the news or on social media. These scooters are a whole new and modern concept and growing rapidly around the world. The electric scooter market in India is taking pace each day and right now around 3.8 percent of two-wheelers that are sold are electric scooters. They are compact, easy to handle, affordable and a great option to solve environmental issues in India. As EVs are taking pace, more and more manufacturing units and charging points are also being established to make electric scooters extra cheaper and accessible to Indian citizens. Several brands like Honda, TVS, Mantra, Hero, etc. are going to launch their brand new models of electric scooters in India which will be made by better and highly qualified technicians with the best quality features.

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When we talk about the electric scooter market in India we can say that it’s at a peak stage right now because as people are getting more aware of how it is used and what are the benefits of electric scooters, are shifting them. Several brands manufacture and supply electric scooters in India. One of the fastest-growing brands that is outshining in the electric two-wheeler market in India is Mantra E-bikes. They offer a huge variety of electric scooters, with different features and specifications. Mantra has launched 8 different types of electric scooters to date in India that have an astonishing presence and fulfill different types of needs of every rider.

They have scooters for everyday commutes, weekend trips, etc. so that no one goes empty-handed. You can find every type of electric scooter with well-equipped features and high-quality performance with Mantra. 

Due to rising fuel prices and environmental conditions getting worse each day, it became very important to adopt electric vehicles in India. Electric scooters are getting a lot of love in India as most Indians use two-wheelers for their regular work whether it’s going to the office or getting everyday essentials, two-wheelers are a part of every Indian family. With the increasing craze for electric scooters among youngsters due to their stylish looks and amazing modern features, it became the center of the eye. Increasing sales of electric vehicles each day is an indicator of growth in the economy and a contribution toward creating a better environment. Electric scooters are the future of India, so it will be very beneficial for India as a country if people will shift toward EVs.

As soon as the sale and manufacturing of electric scooters will increase in India the prices will get lower and e-scooters will become affordable for every Indian. Due to its numerous benefits, the government of India is also promoting electric vehicles by providing several incentives. The government is giving subsidies to manufacturers as well as to the buyers, providing coupons, exempting from different types of fees, and many more so that people get motivated to buy an e-scooter.  

Several brands are offering great electric scooter dealership opportunities, one of them is Mantra E-bike. The Mantra being a reliable brand always provides the best quality product with punctuality. They offer a wide selection of electric scooter models in different colors that are not very common in the market. A place where you can get something for everyone.

Mantra doesn’t believe in temporary deals so if they are in a dealership it’s going to be lifelong. They have achieved greater heights in such a short time which is commendable about them. A team of experts is always available for customer assistance to resolve all the problems of customers. They have hired the best engineers so that the quality of the electric scooter is not compromised at any step. This dealership is a great opportunity for those who already are great dealers of two-wheelers and also for those who have entered this line of dealing in two-wheelers but are ambitious and passionate about their goals. The best part about Mantra is they offer original spare parts for electric scooters which are not easily available in the Indian market. Electric scooters are a great alternative for cars as well because they are compact, easy to handle, and most importantly perfect for Indian roads. Even though electric scooters are smaller in size they give better performance than a lot of electric vehicles and because it runs on a battery they give a very smooth performance without creating any noise. You can carry your e-scooter in heavy morning traffic and easily get out of it without any struggle or irritation because of the sleek design of your electric scooter.  

To conclude this blog we can say that the electric scooter is an efficient concept for India and will contribute to sustainable development. In the upcoming years, these best electric scooters will get more updated and will give a beast-level performance. An innovation to redefine the scooter market in India and help India in growing and develop. By 2030 almost every state in India will have numerous EV centers and most Indians will have electric scooters instead of the old scooters that run on petrol.

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