Searching for the best electric bike in India no need to worry we got you. After researching numerous bikes and their features we got the 10 best electric bikes in India.

According to our research, the best electric bike in India is one that will fulfill these criteria; great features, attractive design, and an affordable price. Electric bikes are popular, yet something about which most citizens are confused in the Indian market. Finding the best electric bike in India is quite complicated, because some bike has good features that turn out to be expensive, and some which are affordable don’t provide good features.

Best Electric Bikes in India

1. Marvel Mini

mantra marvel mini e-bike

The Mini Marvel is a high-performance electric bike and one of the best electric bike in India. Introduced by Mantra E-bikes this Marvel bike is a must-have as it has amazing looks and incredible features. A design that will make people flip and take a look at your e-bike and admire its design is how we can describe this electric bike. The mini-word is only added to the name because when we talk about its specifications it’s nothing less competitive than the electric bikes of well-known brands. Mini Marvel is available with the battery Lead-acid that takes approx. 8 hours to charge fully and gives a mileage of 50-60km. It is equipped with a Hydraulic Suspension type, the front side suspension is telescopic, and the rear side suspension is a Coil spring. Mini Marvel is available in 4 different color options Black, Maroon, White, and Silver.

2. Joy E-Monster

Joy monster e-bike

This EV has already launched 8 models out of which E-monster is one the best electric bike in India and has an astonishing design. It has powerful alloy wheels and a motor of 1500 watts. It has a fixed Lithium-ion battery that takes a maximum of 5.5 hours to charge and can range up to 95km. E-Monster by joy has a hydraulic suspension type. Both the brakes are disc as it doesn’t heat the rims of the wheels. Right now it is only available in the red color in the Indian market.

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3. Marvel Advanced

mantra marvel advance e-bike

Manufactured with high-quality material, this bike is a lot different than the Marvel Mini. Marvel is available in five different colors Silver the old classic, White, Black the basic yet cool colors, Golden to give your cooter a marvelous look, and the last color option is Cherry red one of the royal colors. The gross weight of 100 kg with a ground clearance of 100mm. Marvel was introduced as an electric scooter for everyday use. So that office-going people, college-going students, or delivery guys can use it conveniently and have a comfortable ride. This Electric bike is one of the best electric bikes in India because of its stylish yet comforting design. This is available with the Lead Acid battery that can give you a mileage of 50-60km on a full charge of 6 hours. The battery voltage is either 48 volts or 60 volts. It has 12 inches alloy wheels.

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4. Revolt RV 300

revolt rv 300 e-bike image

Designed with the dynamics of a sports bike this electric bike has a stunning presence. Available in two hot colors Smokey Grey and Black this is also one of the best electric bikes in India. It gives a top speed of 65kmph and a range of 80km in sports mode, 45kmph with a range of 110km in normal mode, and 25kmph and range of 180km in Eco mode. MRF Zapper tires are equipped to give this bike a great grip.

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5. Mantra Legend

mantra legend e-bike image

To give you a feel of the conventional scooter and the benefits of an electric bike the Legend is launched. It has the looks of a Vespa and can give you a legendary ride on Indian roads. Matching almost all Indian personalities this electric bike is designed in a way that it feels comfortable and attractive to every age group. An electric bike that is suitable for all types of roads, cost-efficient, has a high loading capacity, and is available in 6 attractive and mostly demanded colors. The available color palette for one of the best electric bikes in India, the Legend, is Blue, White, Black, Silver, Yellow, and Maroon. It has a gross weight of 105 kg and a ground clearance of 120mm. The maximum speed of Legend is 25kmph with fitted brakes disc for the front one and drum for the rear one.

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6. Mantra Monarch

mantra monarch e-bike image

A very well-designed electric bike Monarch is another bike from Mantra E-bikes.
It has a very sharp look and gives an exceptionally comfortable ride. Manufactured with the best quality material this bike is perfect for people who hate to compromise with safety and quality but also want a high-performance bike. Monarch has advanced features in terms of technology and can give tough competition to a lot of electric bikes of well-known brands in the market.
It is available with a Lithium-ion battery and a lead acid battery that can give a mileage of 80-100 and 40-50 km. It is equipped with the boss smart controller and has a motor powered by 250 watts. This electric bike is available in Black Silver, White and Maroon colors. One of the best electric bikes in India, Monarch has a loading capacity of 200kgs. Its gross weight is 110kg and a ground clearance of 120mm.

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7. Mantra Royal

mantra royal e-bike image

The name Royal defines how this electric bike is going to be a bike that is introduced to give you the experience of a luxurious ride. Powered by a 250 watts motor and 12 inches tubeless alloy wheels this electric bike comes under the category of best electric bike in India. Royal is available in Black, Silver, Maroon, and White colors. In the front and rear, both the brakes are drums. It has the Hydraulic suspension type, the front side suspension is Telescopic and the rear side suspension is the Coil spring. This is also available with two battery types Lithium-ion and Lead acid. Royal can give a top speed of 25kmph. The gross weight of this electric bike is 100kg with a ground clearance of 120mm.

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8. Mantra Royal Deluxe

mantra royal deluxe e-bike image

An electric bike that is designed to give you a comfortable ride while performing your daily commute. It is called a swish scooter which is designed with creativity and modern technology. Environmental safety is the top priority of Mantra e-bikes which is again commendable and this is one of the best electric bike in India, the royal Deluxe which produces zero emigration. LED lights are fitted in to give you a clear view in the dark. Amazing safety features like central locking, an anti-theft system, and a parking mode. Named a silent eagle, Royal Deluxe has a loading capacity of 160 kg. It has a Hydraulic suspension type and is available in 5 color options Silver, White, Maroon, and Black.

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9. Mantra Rider

mantra rider e-bike image

As the name suggests this electric scooter is made to give you the feel of a rider. This is available with two types of batteries the Lithium-ion and Lead-acid. If we talk about LI-ion battery it gives a range of up to 80-100kms and gets charged in 4-5 hrs. The battery for the same is 25/28/30/32ah. On the other hand, a Lead-acid battery gives a range of 45-50km and gets charged in 7-8hours. The maximum speed for the rider is 25kmph. The fitted brakes in this electric bike are a drum for both the front and the rear. With a gross weight of 100kg, it has a loading capacity of 140kg and a ground clearance of 120mm. The motor in one of the best electric bikes in India the Rider is powered by 250 watts and is controlled by the boss smart controller.

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10. Mantra Rider Deluxe

mantra rider deluxe e-bike image

The Rider Deluxe is an upgraded version of the Rider electric bike; it has amazing sporty features and a sleek look which makes it more attractive. This bike weighs 105kg and has a loading capacity of 180kg. The brakes that are fitted in are; a disc for the front, and a drum for the rear. Equipped with tubeless alloy wheels this electric bike is the best electric bike in India and comes in 5 different colors. The available color options for Rider Deluxe are Bluish -green which is something different, silver, black, white, and Maroon. The batteries have two options you can choose from your preference. The lithium-ion battery takes a maximum of 5 hours to charge and ranges up to 100km. The Lead acid battery takes a maximum of 8 hours to charge and ranges up to 80km. The motor is powered by 250 watts and a boss smart controller is also there.

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We have mentioned the best electric bikes in India and most of the bikes are introduced by Mantra E-bike which was established in 2018. Not a very old brand but this kind of achievement is commendable. The Indian market is all about good quality at affordable prices and this brand understood this concept and applied it very well. Similar to Mantra a lot of new electric bikes are coming which can bring revolutionary changes in the EV market in India.
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Which brand has sporty electric bikes?

Mantra e-bikes and Revolt

Which electric bike is best for everyday usage?

Mantra Royal Deluxe is made for everyday usage with a comforting design.

Are electric bikes costly?

Yes, they are on the costlier side as compared to normal bikes.