Top 10 reason to choose e-bike

India is a developing country and adapting the concept of electric bikes is a little harder for people. E-bikes are battery-operated bikes that are very easy to ride and play a great role in saving the environment. A lot of developed countries have already adopted the concept of e-bikes and almost everyone over there is […]

Top 10 reason to choose electric scooter

We have heard a lot about electric vehicles in the news and trends these days. It’s becoming very cool to own an electric scooter or electric bike these days. But the question is, what is the meaning of an electric scooter, and is it worth the hype?  We have researched several topics related to electric […]

Electric Scooter Market in India

Electric scooters are something that you must have heard about in the news or on social media. These scooters are a whole new and modern concept and growing rapidly around the world. The electric scooter market in India is taking pace each day and right now around 3.8 percent of two-wheelers that are sold are […]

Why you should need to consider Mantra e-bike Dealership

Mantra e-bike is a leading brand in India and is famous for manufacturing electric two-wheelers within India. As we know electric vehicles are going to be the future of India. So why not tie up with one of the best in this field in India? Mantra e-bike provides the best quality products numerous, at an […]

Why Electric scooter is the future in India

Electric scooters are one of the best ways to fight India’s global warming issue. As environmental changes are becoming a greater issue day by day; it also becomes necessary for India to find a solution for that. Not only from an environmental angle but also electric scooter is an economical option as well for Indian […]

Top 10 Reasons to choose Mantra E-bikes

Mantra E-bike is one of the leading e-bike brands in India with the largest electric scooter dealership network. They manufacture and supply their amazing e-bikes all over India and get appreciated as well for their products. Introducing you a perfect balance of power and charmer, its perfect design and dynamic features make it a beast […]


Searching for the best electric bike in India no need to worry we got you. After researching numerous bikes and their features we got the 10 best electric bike in India.  According to our research, the best electric bike in India is one that will fulfill these criteria; great features, attractive design, and an affordable […]


TOP 10 ELECTRIC SCOOTER COMPANY IN INDIA S.No. ELECTRIC TWO-WHEELER BRAND % Share in March 2022 UNITS SOLD IN APRIL 2022 1. Hero Electric 26.25 6,576 2. TVS Motor 4.57 1,417 3. Mantra E-bike     4. Ather 4.50 2,447 5. OLA 38.93 12,698 6. Bajaj 1.67 1,121 7. Pure EV 4.16 1,756 8. Revolt […]

Electric bike and scooty Dealership

Presenting you the best electric bike dealership with Mantra e-bike, one of the emerging electric two-wheelers manufacturing companies in India. A great chain of services and suppliers all over India is commendable about them. Mantra e-bikes are available for electric scooter dealerships and electric bike dealerships. Giving customers a great experience from our products and […]

Top 10 Electric Scooter in India

Top 10 Electric Scooter in India Sustainability is the new goal and the need of the hour. Electric vehicles are growing each day in the Indian market. Not only is it a comfortable option but also one of the best inventions for the environment. We are here with the top 10 electric scooters in India […]